Muppets Go Partisan: Kermit and Miss Piggy Trash Fox News

“It’s almost as laughable as accusing Fox News as being … news!”

The Fox News segment Kermit and Miss Piggy are responding to (in the video below) can be watched here, and you can see it’s a rather innocuous and perfectly valid discussion about the culture. As a response, and nearly a week after the segment aired, the Fox-hating entertainment media (which is all of them) viralized the clip, blew the controversy up into something it really wasn’t, and did so because they find it impossible to turn down an opportunity to prove they’re one of the minions in the club.

What effectively happened, though, is a week-old Fox Business segment was consequently amplified into the news narrative, which turned the new Muppet film into a political and partisan football. Only our wildly out-of-touch entertainment media minions would think this is a good thing, and as a consequence, a well-reviewed film that opened above expectations entered the divisive culture and political wars and didn’t do anywhere near as well at the box office as some had expected and hoped.

That, however, wasn’t the fault of the Muppets.That was the immature, clubby entertainment media. The video below, though, puts the Muppets themselves into this controversy, which will only further alienate a very large segment of their audience:



Miss Piggy tries to back off it some: “If they take what I say seriously…” We get that it was a joke. But parents are careful to ensure that the humor emanating from children’s programming fits their values. Hope that doesn’t make us humorless and stuffy to the crowd currently waging a jihad against soda pop and Santa Claus.

One thing in that clip is true. The clip probably will go viral, and as a result this once universally-beloved brand will no longer be loved quite so universally.


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