This is Not Just a "Culture War," It's An Attack on The First Amendment

The media is calling the Barack Obama attack on the Catholic Church a “culture war.” Culture War. The words and graphics are everywhere. It was the ABC News headline one morning, “Candidate’s Culture War” is what the graphic said. As if this is some sort of battle between Obama and the Republican candidates. Yes, it is that, but it us much, much more.

This is also a fight much larger than “culture.” Culture is something that defines art and common belief. Culture is something that changes with the times and can actually be defined as you wish. Much of our culture today is not what it was 50, 100, or 200 years ago. What I think is culture, may not be what you think is culture. Yes, there is an “American culture, and I believe I know what it is, but I certainly don’t trust the media or this President (who would probably see me as a “bitter” American who “clings to guns and religion”) to tell me what it is.

The Constitution doesn’t work that way, certainly not the First Amendment which guarantees religious liberty and expression. I would like to think the Constitution would define our culture, but sadly that is not always the case. For the media to call this a “culture war” greatly diminishes its value, this is a battle over the First amendment of the US Constitution. Obama wants the Constitution circumvented to pander to his base, I would hope that most of us would be united with the Catholic Church in wanting it protected.

The new part of the ObamaCare law (that nobody read before they voted on it) says that churches that provide health care and insurance, must also provide contraceptives. The Catholic Church opposes contraception.

“The White House insists this achieves a balanced approach that respects women’s health care and religious liberty, but that’s not how the Republican candidates see it,” said Jake Tapper of ABC this morning. Jake, this does nothing to protect religious liberty. It tries to destroy it.

Thankfully, the presidential hopefuls joined in the fight.

“We must have a president who is willing to protect America’s First right, a right to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience. This is a violation of conscience,” said Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum says Obama has been “hostile to people of faith particularly Christians and specifically Catholics.”

Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul have also been avid opponents to Dear Leaders actions on this. Not just because they want to be seen as opponents, they all believe what he is doing in inherently wrong.

The Catholic Church sees it as our Founders saw it. “Never before, unprecedented in American history, for the federal government to line up against the Roman Catholic Church,” said Catholic League head Bill Donohue.

The media, the bastain of safety that says it will be there to protect our babies from dangerous high chairs and deadly car seats, will not be there to protect us when our Constitution is under attack. They just won’t. They will think they are picking sides and they certainly will not pick sides against Dear Leader. In fact, they will call it something else to water it down and make a fight over the First amendment the same as a battle over an art fair downtown. Well, actually, now that I think of it, if there is a battle over an art fair downtown the media will invoke the First amendment to get it done—yes they will. But in this case, a battle to the core of the our freedom to worship, it is just culture.

Yes, this is a battle, it is a fight. It is a fight between all Americans who believe in the God given right to worship as we please and express our religious preferences, and this White House, that believes it has the right to tell Catholics how they should worship. You don’t get closer to Ground Zero in a Constitutional battle than this. This is a Constitutional War, and the media should call it that.