EXCLUSIVE: Big Journalism Uncovers Police Report From Occupy Cleveland Rape Proving Olbermann Wrong

In the wake of Current TV’s “Countdown” talk show host Keith Olbermann tweeting that there were “no Occupy rapes,” Big Journalismhas uncovered the original incident report composed by the Cleveland Police Department.

The report was uncovered after Olbermann accused online publisher Andrew Breitbart of fabricating an “imaginary wave of rapes at Occupy” after Breitbart confronted nearly a hundred protestors descending upon the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington on February 10th.

Breitbart walked outside the Marriott Wardman at about 7 p.m. and shouted at a hostile band of Occupy protestors who were trespassing and intimidating hotel patrons.

“Stop raping people!” Breitbart shouted. “Murderers! Behave yourselves!”

In the wake of that incident, Olbermann tweeted: “Love this @ Andrew Breitbart goes nuts, hallucinates about some imaginary wave of rapes at Occupy & a bunch of guys w/no necks Tweet-grunt.” He then tweeted, “@TheHenry No Occupy rapes, no cover-up, no apology, no retraction, and no credibility for your Moonie-owned ‘newspaper.'”

Contrary to Olbermann’s claims that there were “no rapes,” Bigs journalists showed that there was an October rape report in Clevelandamong other reports in various cities.

Big Journalism obtained an actual copy of an incident report taken by Cleveland police investigators, along with the names of three defendants from the Occupy Wall Street movement charged with sexual abuse-related crimes.

The Cleveland Police Report narrative, which was partially redacted by police and additionally redacted by Big Journalism to protect the identity of the alleged victim, said the following:


Victim reports that she attended the “Occupy Cleveland” rally on Public Square and was sexually assaulted.
Investigation reveals that victim is a student at Summit Academy in Parma (telephone number 1.440.XXX.XXXX) for children with attention deficit disorder (ADD), Hyperactivity, and Autism. Victim reported to her teacher (interview Ray) that she was raped in a tent at the rally downtown.
Victim was interviewed, along with Sergeant Lally, and she stated that at the above date and time, she was instructed by rally personnel to share a tent with the suspect due to a shortage of tents.
The suspect told the victim that his name was “Leland”, and the victim, after thinking the suspect went to sleep in his own sleeping, states that she went to sleep on her own sleeping bag and blanket that were provided. At some point, she awoke to find (REDACTED).
The victim further stated that (REDACTED).
Victim and interview conveyed by car 2D16 to MetroHealth Emergency Room, where the victim was admitted for a sexual assault examination.
Car 2813 Sergeant Lally on scene at Summit Academy, where the initial interview took place (REDACTED).
Conferred with Summit Academy Direction (REDACTED) telephone number (REDACTED), who stated that while the victim has learning disabilities, she is not under any legal guardianship. Further stated that the victim’s mother is recovering from a stroke.
Victim requests that she lives with roommates at her address. Rape kit unavailable at time of report.
Request Sex Crimes Unit follow up.
Unit: 2D16
rept. typed as faxed by SDCO BARCHLE, #11-329564, 10/18/2011

Law enforcement sources told Big Journalism that although the case was not prosecuted, it could have been, and still could be in the future.

A confidential police source told Big Journalism that “the victim was uncooperative, [and] chose not to move forward with the case and signed a no-prosecution form. The case was presented to the prosecutor’s office and no papers were issued. The victim was advised in the future if she wishes to move forward with the case to contact the police or Prosecutor’s Office.”

There were other known sexual assault related charges stemming from the Occupy Wall Street movement, in addition to an alleged rape incident that occurred at Occupy Philadelphia by a man traveling from Kalamazoo, Michigan, which was investigated by the Special Victim’s Unit and District Attorney’s Office.

One suspect, 26-year old Brooklyn resident Tonye Iketubosin, whose name has been in the media since October, was investigated for three separate sexual assault incidents including one forcible rape on October 25th. Iketubosin was apparently on Occupy kitchen patrol in Zucotti Park and committed a rape inside an Occupy tent.

Iketubosin got away with three sexual assault incidents before what police sources termed “Occupy security” finally informed law enforcement officials on October 29th when the rape penetration/instance was reported. An arrest was made on November 1st, and Iketubosin’s next court appearance is scheduled in New York Criminal Court on April 16th for two separate cases – one for forcible touching and sexual abuse and the other with aggravated harassment, forcible touching, and sexual abuse.

In two other sexual abuse instances, David Park was arrested on October 11th for a sexual abuse incident that occurred on October 8th in what law enforcement sources described as an unlawful fondling inside a sleeping bag within Zucotti Park. Park was allegedly reported by several women for trying to rape them.

Ed Steinberg of Bowery St. in Manhattan was arrested for forcible touching of a woman after he groped a woman’s breasts and tried to throw her to the ground.

Steinberg was allegedly carrying a knife and was charged with forcible touching, sex abuse and criminal possession of a weapon, but he made bond at his arraignment hearing after a brief incarceration at Riker’s Island. He was reportedly seen back at the Zucotti Park Occupy site after the incident.


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