WI Recall: Union Boss Pushes New Media Camera Away

The Wisconsin-based  MacIver Institute has been one of the New Media heroes on the ground during this entire Wisconsin recall mess, and in the video below, you’ll see that the frustration anti-Walker forces feel towards New Media is at first amusing, as SEIU executive Bruce Colburn whines to the crowd specifically about New Media. But in the video’s second half, things turn a little frightening, as Colburn physically manhandles a camera held by a MacIver reporter:


This occurred last night in North Milwaukee at an event held by Jesse Jackson.

You can’t blame these union thugs for being frustrated by New Media. Once the protests and recalls started over Governor Scott Walker’s reforms, the left was certain they would win the day, thanks in large part to a complicit media that would spin everything their way — which is exactly what happened.

But New Media was ready. 

Organizations like the MacIver Institute, Breitbart News, and Citizen Journalists everywhere were not only in a position to fight back editorially, but also to gather news, do original reporting, and through the wonders of the Internet and social media, spread and disseminate this reporting far and wide.

Colburn and SEIU are frustrated because the mainstream media they’ve counted on for so long no longer exerts a bottleneck on the truth. New Media is here to stay and growing more powerful by the day, which is bad news for the likes of SEIU and the rest of these union bullies, who stupidly assumed it was still 2008 and that We The People hadn’t learned a little something since then.

Well, what we learned after the election of the completely un-vetted Barack Obama was … Never Again.


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