Time For Super PACs to Tell the Truth About Fast & Furious

Time For  Super PACs to Tell the Truth About Fast & Furious

Forget about the media. No amount of shaming will ever convince those moral illiterates to tell the full and complete story of Fast and Furious. If you think Brian Williams and those who staff every other newsroom in this country went to journalism school to hold power accountable and inform the public, think again. They entered media for one purpose and one purpose only: to defeat the right and to further the leftist cause.

In other words, to hell with a few hundred dead Mexican innocents and two American law enforcement officers — we have an reelection to win!

But it’s not 2008 anymore, and while New Media has done an incredible job keeping the fires of this scandal burning, we can’t reach everyone. As big as Fox News, talk radio, Twitter, and the Web is — we just can’t.

Which is why God created ‘Citizens United.’

Thanks to the Supreme Court doing something that could only offend the media — you know, upholding the First Amendment — instead of wasting our energies pushing the corrupt media to be less corrupt, we can now be a little more pro-active.

Someone with a lot of money and media savvy needs to start a Fast and Furious super PAC that through a series of ads will tell the full and complete story of Fast and Furious — from Obama’s cynical gun control agenda behind it, to the loss of innocent life, to the White House cover up. All you need are facts. No spin, no politics.

Like the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth who told the story of John Kerry the media wouldn’t, our Fast and Furious super PAC need only tell the truth.  

Smart people I respect will disagree and claim this would be a distraction from the economy, but I beg to differ.

Certainly, Mr. Romney needs to stay focused on the economy. But with the emerging power of New Media and a First Amendment that is now somewhat equalized against the left’s historic advantage with union money and those pro-Obama super PACs that disguise themselves as mainstream media outlets — patriots now have the same free speech rights the mainstream media enjoys when it comes to spending unlimited amounts of money to elect a candidate.

Obama’s Media Palace Guards are intentionally covering Fast and Furious up.  

Instead of fuming, let’s just go around them.

I know I’d contribute.

Anyone else?


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