Politico's Chief Political Columnist Mocks Fast & Furious

Politico's Chief Political Columnist Mocks Fast & Furious

The photo above is of Brian Terry, an American Border Patrol Agent dead due to Fast and Furious. We don’t have photos of the hundreds of dead innocent Mexican citizens gunned down by the Obama Administration’s guns. Though we probably would if Obama had an “R” after his name.  We would probably know a whole lot about the hundreds of Mexican families minus a loved one today due to our government if Republicans were in any way responsible. 

But the media doesn’t care about dead Mexicans or dead Americans, not if caring means bringing Barack Obama’s poll numbers down by just one point.

Politico’s Roger Simon doesn’t care so much he finds those who do worthy of only mockery.

Politico never stops hitting new lows, does it?

IAFC’s Karol Markowicz:

I’m not going to give you the whole the-media-would-lap-up-this-scandal-if-the-president-was-Republican song and dance though it’s obvious to anyone paying any attention that they would. I just want to focus on the latest spin from the media on the whole story. It had two parts. Part 1 is “who cares?” and part 2 is “let’s make fun of those who do care.”

Take Roger Simon from Politico. He’s their Chief Political Columnist, which sounds pretty serious. So it’s strange that a serious Chief Political Columnist would tweet this yesterday:


Who still cares that the U.S. government sold guns to Mexican gangs? I care. Brian Terry’s family cares. I’m sure the families of the hundreds of Mexicans who were killed with these guns care. I guess a “Chief Political Columnist” doesn’t have to worry about stray bullets from these guns, but those who do CARE.

The Chief Political Columnist then tweeted:


I guess in the Beltway this might be a…joke? In the rest of the country it’s an eye-roll. Conservatives like legal guns, that’s why they fight legislation to ban guns. Places where guns are banned, like Washington D.C. or Detroit, don’t see a drop in [homicides], they see a rise, as illegal guns flood the cities and law-abiding people can’t get guns to defend themselves. The reason conservatives have a problem with illegal guns being passed along to Mexican gangsters is that illegal guns were passed along to Mexican gangsters.

You will want to read it all.


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