Sarah Palin: #EmptyChairDay on Twitter

Sarah Palin: #EmptyChairDay on Twitter

We all know former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has a great sense of humor. Who can forget her stellar and confident performances on SNL and Jay Leno’s Tonight Show? Well, now Governor Palin is joining Clint Eastwood’s brilliant “Pres. Obama as a vacant chair” phenom. She tweeted the following:

America’s kids are going to be stuck paying for Obama’s Empty Chair Style of Leadership#EmptyChairDay

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Some media outlets have chided the venerable Clint Eastwood for his #VacantChair, #EmptyChair performance at the Republican National Convention. But any humor worthy of praise has a kernel of truth and pokes fun at it. If the liberal media outlets (and even a few Fox News commentators) got their “panties all up in a wad”, well then, Clint hit a home run.

For Democrats, he was able to get under their skin precisely because he hit a slew of topics where Obama’s abysmal leadership is apparent: Gitmo, Afghanistan, 8.3% unemployment, gas-guzzling-campaigner-campaigner-in-Chief, VP Joe Biden.

For Republicans, perhaps Clint embarrassed some of them with his sense of humor because they don’t have one.

I was driving home from curriculum night at my daughter’s school when I turned on the radio and caught Clint midway through his act. I was laughing out loud then, and again the next day when I watched it on the internet. What made it even more humorous was not only the empty chair, but his delivery: he was able to hit on so many points without a teleprompter or a script. Something Obama can’t do.

Some have referred to the Eastwood phenomenon as the “invisible chair” act. That’s not accurate. The chair is empty, vacant. Much like Obama’s presidency. Obama is definitely visible. In fact, too visible. (Yet while he’s been flying all over the country campaigning, he neglected to visit the flood ravaged New Orleans. It was only when Gov. Mitt Romney decided first to go to Louisiana that the #VacantChair President decided to make an appearance.) 

Perhaps the chair is vacant also because Obama is out on the golf course when he’s not campaigning. According to CBS’s Mark Knoller, he chalked up his 100th round of golf in June.

Gov. Palin continues to nail the real issues facing our country: future generations will be paying for the #VacantChair, #EmptyChair presidency of Barack Obama. 

People are listening and have been posting and placing empty chairs all over the country this Labor Day weekend.


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