Credit: Washington Post Corrects Obama On Fast & Furious

Credit: Washington Post Corrects Obama On Fast & Furious

The Washington Post deserves credit. The paper came out and gave President Obama three Pinocchio noses for his lie about the beginning of Operation Fast & Furious.

During his Univision town hall, President Obama claimed Fast & Furious started under the previous administration. I quickly corrected him, along with Jake Tapper at ABC News. Fast & Furious started in the fall of 2009, 9 months after President Obama was sworn in.

“Perhaps the president made a mistake, and he really meant to talk about gun-walking in general instead of a particular gun-walking operation. But he could also be trying to wash his hands of any accountability for a program that launched on his watch and allowed 2,000 powerful firearms to end up on U.S. and Mexican streets,” write Josh Hicks. “Either way, we can’t let politicians get away with this sort of egregious factual mistake. Otherwise they’ll start making them on purpose.”

Major kudos to The Post for correcting President Obama, unlike USA Today.


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