Chris Matthews: US Like 'Third World Nation' On Election Laws

Chris Matthews: US Like 'Third World Nation' On Election Laws

Even though Tuesday’s general election gave Chris Matthews his “tingle” back with the re-election of Barack Obama, the MSNBC yapper was still unsatisfied with the proceedings. In particular, Matthews thought there “should be a law” to prevent the various states from handling their own elections. You know, even though such a “law” is against the Constitution, and all.

In a discussion with former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Matthews showed his exasperation with the early voting laws in the Sunshine State. In fact, Matthews was still all nutty over the 2000 election results that brought George W. Bush to office.

Shouldn’t we have a law where you can’t change any election law until maybe two or three cycles after you’re out of power? At least then they wouldn’t be changing the rules like they’re doing now in Florida with [former-Florida Secretary of State] Katherine Harris with [former-Florida Gov.] Jeb Bush back then. There was a lot of questions about the 2000 race. And here we are again.

Naturally RINO Crist, who shunned the Republican Party in order to endorse Barack Obama, was happy to agree with Matthews.

Crist went on a rant about how Florida is “suppressing the vote.” Odd that the state seemed to have no trouble finding Democrat votes, though. Crist piously proclaimed that when one is Governor of Florida one is governor of the whole state “not the governor of the Republicans of Florida.”

Matthews has had quite a week. Not only did he propose on Election Day that all states be forced to a single voting law, which is quite against the Constitution; the next day he was forced to apologize for saying he was glad that Hurricane Sandy came ashore to wreak its devastation and kill Americans on the east coast. He was glad it happened, you see, because he thought it helped Barack Obama look presidential.

Yes, electing a Democrat is more important than people’s very lives to Chris Matthews.

Then, later that same night, Matthews indulged a few Hitler jokes at Karl Rove’s expense with hatemonger Bill Maher.

All Matthews needed was to call the GOP racists, and he had all his Democrat talking points in full force. So, it should be no surprise that, on the day before Election Day, he did just that. On Nov. 5, Matthews accused the Romney campaign of being racists once again.

You might be amazed to know that once, many years ago, Chris Matthews was a respected member of the media. Newscaster, speaker, author, he had quite a list of accomplishments until he beclowned himself as a shrill, hateful, polemicist without any credibility whatsoever.

It is no wonder Pew Research found that MSNBC is the most biased network of them all.