'Vultures': Newtown Residents Detail Media Harassment

'Vultures': Newtown Residents Detail Media Harassment

The Newtown Bee is a local paper where Friday’s awful school-shooting took place. Monday, they found it necessary to post a Facebook plea asking their colleagues in the national media to, “PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE VICTIMS.”

What’s most infuriating, though, are the comments left by those who identify themselves as Newtown residents and visitors. They’ve detailed some truly outrageous and insensitive behavior they claim to have witnessed the media engage in — including being lied to by CBS, calls at all hours, cameras staking out funeral homes, and more…

Eileen Byrnes I had a person from CBS news lie to me and say she was a friend of one of the grieving mothers. She came with a plant and so we let her on the property only to find out she was with the news. Some of these people just don’t have a soul.

Phil Otto Is anyone else getting calls from the Washington Post?? We lost a couple of our neighbors on my block, and I think they’re just calling people randomly looking for comments. 2 calls so far.

Donna Landry i’m ashamed Boston’s ch 7’s Steve Cooper went in the homes of those twin boys! that to me was crossing the line.

Christine Dennison Wilford The phone calls from 7am-11pm need to stop. and coming to my doorstep was completely out of line. LEAVE US ALL ALONE.

Keith Ciociola The media should also stay away from neighbors of victims. I spent most of yesterday morning chasing away two sets of reporters from Quebec, two reporters from New York and a reporter from the Wall Street Journal who came on to our property twice. One reporter called our home.

Karen Larkin Pettit They need to stop! They are using my driveway to walk up and down to get from the park to their cars. When they walk through the woods with their hoodies on to my property my kids are terrified.

Keith Ciociola I videotaped all of them. CT State Police and Newtown police are at least aware of the incidences. The reporters aren’t doing anything illegal, but it’s morally gross and that’s what I object to.

Matt Pitrone Good luck keeping the vultures away… they are EVERYWHERE down here.

Sharon Palmer Just left leaving flowers and balloons and 6!! reporters stopped me to talk

Gail Lovorn Unfortunately, the media will not be leaving soon, or respecting the privacy of the funeral home as a sacred place for people to say good-bye and support the families. As I drove down main street today I was upset at the number of cameras just aimed at the door to the funeral home. I say the community should put up a screen of sorts to block them from seeing the funeral home. The last thing these families need it to see their family and friends in these tender moments broadcast for the world to see.

AmyBeth Tranfield Schmaling #CNN#Katie, we’re both interviewing people that were clearly and visibly upset yet they kept going! They all need to leave!!!!!

You can read all of the pleas here. (Link via Hot Air.)

For some reason, the word “vulture” is used quite frequently.


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