ABC's 'GMA' Bucks Gun Control Narrative, Examines School Security

ABC's 'GMA' Bucks Gun Control Narrative, Examines School Security

It looks as though “Nightline” wasn’t the only ABC News’ outlet willing to bridle against the current gun control narrative playing out all across our media landscape. This morning, in a report by Alex Perez, “Good Morning America” opened with a terrific segment examining school security. 

Here’s the link to the segment and the write up.  

Overall, as a conservative, it’s certainly refreshing to see my ideas presented seriously in the mainstream media. But as someone genuinely concerned with this recent surge of school shootings and horrified beyond expression by what happened in Connecticut last Friday, I’m desperate to see realistic and effective action take place.

Instead, though, almost all of our craven media has chosen to exploit this tragedy as a way to push gun control measures that I don’t believe will do a damn thing to prevent or deter future mass-shootings. On the other hand, securing our schools and having trained and armed people on staff really could save lives.

So in every respect, I’m extremely pleased and give ABC News a lot of credit for bucking the trend of its media colleagues and, at the very least, give ideas that will work an opportunity to penetrate through the media wall of left-wing nonsense.  


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