Rahm Emanuel Accused of Assaulting Reporter

Rahm Emanuel Accused of Assaulting Reporter

Michael Hastings is a Buzzfeed reporter, and one a little too desperate to be seen as the next Hunter Thompson and to make himself part of the story. Last night on Current TV, Hastings was part of his own reporting again with the startling accusation that Chicago Mayor, and former Obama White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, physically assaulted him during an interview:

Current TV’s Cenk Unger asked Hastings if he considered filing “assault charges.” Hastings said that he did, but that he had a book to finish and didn’t think he could win in Emanuel’s city. He also added that this was typical of Emanuel’s behavior.

But Emanuel’s a sacred cow Democrat, and therefore this accusation won’t get 1/1000 the media attention a no-name Republican receives when he answers a question about rape poorly.


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