Politico's Koch Brothers Obsession Marches On

Politico's Koch Brothers Obsession Marches On

Politico’s Ken Vogel is obsessed with what private citizens do with their own money, especially those private citizens who don’t do what Politico tells them to do — support Obama. You would think that a “real” reporter would be more interested in, say, who’s behind the hundreds of millions in undisclosed dollars received by a sitting president of the United States. But no, that’s not a story this former Soros employee finds a priority. Instead, we get another 2100 word, top ‘o the page, Politico yawner about the dreaded Koch brothers.

Just imagine if, instead of obsessing over what private citizens do with their own money, Politico and Vogel were to pour the same energies and talents into, I don’t know, Libya? But if it’s money-in-politics that gets you turned on, how about government waste?

Even more than the Koch brothers and George Soros, no one person or corporation spends as many millions as the media does to affect our nation’s politics. So maybe Vogel could look into the financing and political manipulations going on at, say, Politico? That might actually be an interesting story that gets a little traction and makes a difference.

Maybe if Vogel had been less interested in what private citizens are up to and poured a little energy into what politicians are up, he could have broken the Jesse Jackson Jr. story. Or the one about Ray Nagin. Or the other one about Senator Menend– oh, wait, those are Democrats.  

My point here is priorities. If the media showed a tenth as much interest in vetting Democrat politicians and the federal government’s finances as they do in obsessing over right-leaning super PACs, this would be a much better country.

But Politico and Vogel and all the rest don’t want to look. Because it’s not about transparency. It’s about attempting to intimidate right-leaning super PACs with story after boring story after dull story “exposing” them.

It’s all about protecting the government, and ensuring that the only private individuals and corporations allowed to influence our government are those who pose as journalists and the corporations that pay them.


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