Report: Soledad out at CNN

Report: Soledad out at CNN

According to the New York Post, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien is leaving the network. It has already been reported that Chris Cuomo and Erin Burnett would be taking over the morning slot currently hosted by O’Brien. Apparently, she has nowhere left to go on the network and has decided to leave.

What else was she going to do, hang out in the green room?

O’Brien’s tenure hosting “American Morning” has been nothing short of a disaster for CNN. The ratings are embarrassingly low and the left-wing anchor has repeatedly made a fool of herself pretending to be an unbiased, objective journalist. See here.

The identity politics obsessed O’Brien has also hosted a number of primetime CNN specials answering such pressing questions as, “Who’s Black in America?” Whom at CNN will take over the role of wasting money, resources, and broadcast time answering stupid questions has yet to be announced.


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