CNN Contributor Compares Rand Paul to KKK

CNN Contributor Compares Rand Paul to KKK

It’s bad enough CNN would give all kinds of broadcast time to a cop killer-defender who signed a petition blaming the Bush Administration for 9/11 (but didn’t really sign it). But CNN’s left-wing radical (who was too radical for even the Obama Administration that fired him) is showing no signs of moderation, professionalism, or even decency. Back in October, Van Jones called Mitt Romney a “douche” twice on the air. Now, as first reported at, Jones is publicly comparing KY Sen. Rand Paul to the KKK:

But even that wasn’t enough for CNN’s cop killer-defender.

Jones later re-tweeted someone who claimed Rand Paul would be okay with seeing Allen West booted out of a whites-only restaurant.

Jones then tried to put an academic spin on his smear:

Gee, I have white sheets in my linen closet. I guess that also makes me and a whole lot of conservatives just like the KKK (who, by the way, were mostly Democrats). Because according to Jones, intent has nothing to do with being like the KKK. If you’re similar to them in any way, you are like them.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this some kind of outlier moment coming from a CNN star. What’s emerging from CNN’s most recognizable faces is a subtle but unmistakable pattern of smearing conservatives as racists.

Just last week, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien and Wolf Blitzer used out-of-context quotes to imply Fox News chief Roger Ailes had said something racist about President Obama. Using Wolf’s sweet pitch, Jones then accused Ailes of making a “racial charge” against the president.

These are examples of Alinsky 101 tactics being employed by high-profile members of the media. One-by-one, they isolate and smear GOP stars and rising stars. It’s all about toxifying them to the electorate.

The only difference between MSNBC and CNN is that MSNBC is at least honest about its leftist agenda.


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