Media Obsessed over 'N-Word' Lie, Failed to Report Facts About Obamacare

Media Obsessed over 'N-Word' Lie, Failed to Report Facts About Obamacare

As John Nolte wrote earlier today, the awful truths about Obamacare are starting to come to light as the American people start to learn what Nancy Pelosi was so interested in voting for three years ago.  

If the American people had the media we deserve, one interested in informing the public rather than taking sides in a political battle like they did with Obamacare three years ago, we would have known about the budget busting, liberty stealing, health care cost increasing, ear-mark laden monstrosity that is Obamacare BEFORE it was rammed down in our throats by Pelosi’s ill-fated 2010 maneuver.  

Here we are, three years later, and we are finally learning just how awful this legislation is.  So, what was the media focusing on back on March 20, 2010 when there was still a chance to stop this beast?  

Tea Party racism, of course.  

Don’t forget that the big story occupying the news cycle the weekend of March 20, 2010 was that racist Tea Party protesters in Washington DC yelled the “N-Word” at civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis as he walked across the mall to the capitol building that sunny afternoon.  The story led all the cable shows, the Sunday shows and was the main lede in every print column about the historic events that weekend.  

The media repeated the lie without ever asking a single question of the dubious man who made the audacious claim, Rep., Andre Carson.  Only one man dared to question the bogus tale, Andrew Breitbart.  He offered $10,000 to the United Negro College Fund for any evidence of the slander. He upped it to $100,000. Nothing. 

The Congressional Black Caucus didn’t want to talk about it anymore.  They had done their job.  They had distracted the media. They had gotten their president’s signature piece of legislation passed. Nothing to see here, move along.  

Andrew didn’t let it go.  He found four individual videos that proved Carson’s tale was a lie. The media ignored it. They still do.  

And now, the American people are stuck with Obamacare, and the truth about this awful infringement on our liberties is finally coming to light.  

Andrew was right, we don’t hate the media because they’re biased; we hate them because they suck. 


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