Taxpayer Money Finances IRS 'Star Trek' Parody

Taxpayer Money Finances IRS 'Star Trek' Parody

If you are about to land at a small airport, watch the reason why you might be dead in a few minutes — and it has nothing to do with anyone not paying their “fair share”:

On the same day the media-collective coordinated to crybaby over 140 or so airport control towers being shut down due to sequester cuts, over at CBS News, investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson was digging for a real story. And then she did something amazing. Instead of playing stenographer for The State about the sequester cuts, Attkisson turned a story about frivolous government waste into a sequester story. 

How does the federal government — she asks in so many words — have all kinds of money to waste $60,000 on a “Star Trek” spoof, but not enough to ensure planes land safely?

Thus begins a six-minute “Star Trek” parody starring IRS employees and paid for with your tax dollars. It’s not likely to go over well with some Americans and members of Congress, especially since federal agencies have been complaining that it’s difficult to find trims under forced sequestration.

CBS News filed a Freedom of Information request asking for the video after the IRS earlier refused to turn over a copy to the congressional committee that oversees tax issues: House Ways and Means. According to committee Chairman Charles Boustany, Jr. (R-LA), the video was produced in the IRS’s own television studio in New Carrollton, MD. The studio may have cost taxpayers more than $4 million dollars last year alone.

Finally, a legitimate sequester story!

By the way, that video was produced in 2010 when the federal budget was smaller than it is today.

The federal government is currently running annual deficits of a trillion dollars-plus, and yet Obama’s Media wants us to believe the budget is so lean and mean that a two-percent cut will force control towers to close.

That’s horse-hockey, and everyone knows it — including Obama’s Media.

The real sequester story is how trillions of dollars can be so horribly mismanaged that a measly budget cut of two-percent results in gaping holes in airline safety. 

As I wrote here, any mainstream media story about sequester cuts that does not reference the penis of a duck is outright propaganda and journalistic malpractice.

For those of you who don’t know who Sharyl Attkisson is, she is one of the few journalists out there willing to bolt from the Narrative Plantation and dig into Fast and Furious, Libya, and stories like this. And here she is again, standing out alone in a literal ocean of media, shouting, “Wait a minute! We’re closing down control towers with this nonsense going on?”

Couple hundred more Sharyl Attkissons and I would be out of a job. 


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