Number Six: NBC News Again Caught Selectively Editing Video

Number Six: NBC News Again Caught Selectively Editing Video

I had hoped this nonsense would end with the reign of Steve Capus, but once again we have NBC News forced to apologize for yet-another dishonest edit meant to push the left’s agenda.

Thanks to NRO’s Andrew Johnson, we learned that on Friday MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts used selective clips from a speech by Vice President Joe Biden to make it look as though Biden was making a push for gun control. Biden’s speech had nothing to do with guns.

Here is the unedited clip. How low of NBC News to use a speech commemorating four Americans lost in Benghazi to push their own cynical agenda:

Earlier this week, Howard Kurtz made a legitimate mistake and was pilloried for days by his media colleagues. But that was a mistake granted, a pretty bad one, but no one believes what Kurtz did was intentional.

What NBC News did — AGAIN —  was willfully dishonest. But there is never any uproar from the same crowd.

You see, Kurtz’s mistake wasn’t his mistake, it is that he made the mistake at the expense of the media’s Politically Correct Hero of the Week, Jason Collins. The media uproar against Kurtz had nothing to do with journalistic integrity and everything to do with sending a message to those who dare commit the apostasy of trying to ruin a good Narrative.

This is the sixth time in just a few years that NBC News has been caught red-handed manipulating audio or video to benefit whatever agenda the left happens to be pushing at the time. But as a result, we hear nary a peep from those currently running around with Kurtz’s head on pike.

The message is clear: if you’re pushing Obama’s agenda, there is no code of journalistic ethics.  


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