Kochs Confirm Interest In Acquiring Tribune Company

Kochs Confirm Interest In Acquiring Tribune Company

Well, this news should launch a thousand more goofy Beverly Hills Occupy protests:

WICHITA, Kan.–Billionaire Charles Koch confirmed that his company, Koch Industries Inc., is looking into the possibility of acquiring newspapers, but insisted he is looking for a profitable business, rather than a forum to advance his politics.

“There is a need for focus on real news, not news with an agenda or news that is really editorializing,” Mr. Koch said in an interview.

Mr. Koch added in a follow-up statement to The Wall Street Journal that the editorial page of any newspaper his company acquired “would be a marketplace of ideas where all sorts of approaches to public-policy issues are vetted and contrasted, and there could be ongoing debate.” That, he predicted, “would ultimately improve newspapers as a business proposition.”

The Tribune Company includes the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. The left, and yes, that includes the media, are currently apoplectic over the idea of a few major newspapers being owned by someone who doesn’t worship The State.

The left believes in all kinds of diversity, except the diversity of ideas. This is why, although Fox News exists in an ocean of left-wing media, the left still despises Fox News.

And now we have the Tribune Company on the edge of blinking out of existence — and who knows how many people losing their jobs — but I’m guessing the left would prefer it go down than be saved by the dreaded Kochs.

Personally, I wouldn’t want the Kochs to turn the Tribune Company into a right-wing news outlet. What this country needs is unbiased, objective news outlets that treat both parties with equal skepticism.

My guess is that is exactly what the libertarian Kochs would do, and that fact is exactly what terrifies the left most.


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