UPDATE: CNN Chief's 15 Year-Old Son Resigns From Board Of Top Dem's Company

UPDATE: CNN Chief's 15 Year-Old Son Resigns From Board Of Top Dem's Company

The New York Post reports that, after yesterday’s uproar surrounding the revelation that CNN chief Jeff Zucker’s 15-year-old son sat on the board of a top Democrat’s Internet start-up company, the teenager “abruptly quit” yesterday. The kid also enjoyed stock options.

The owner of this Internet startup is none other than Cory Booker, a rising star in the Democrat party who is currently running for the U.S. Senate in New Jersey.

CNN regularly covers Booker’s campaign and his rising status in the Party.

Since taking charge, CNN’s leftward lurch under Zucker has been apparent in the network’s open push for gun control and a year-long race-baiting campaign during the events surrounding the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

This startling conflict of interest between a Democrat politician and the head of a cable news network has received little to no media attention — not even from CNN’s competitors. If there were true competition in media, you would think these outlets would pounce on the opportunity to damage a rival. But unless it is Fox News, there is no competition in media. Everyone protects each other and everyone covers the same stories  in the same way. 

Imagine if we had just learned that the head of Fox News, Roger Ailes, had a 14-year-old son who received stock options due to his spot on the board of a company owned by Chris Christie. That would immediately become the biggest media and political scandal in the country.



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