Schultz Hammers 'Neocons,' Not Obama for Syria War Drums

Schultz Hammers 'Neocons,' Not Obama for Syria War Drums

Ed Schultz is back in prime time on MSNBC and his convoluted, blustery, incoherent, illogical analysis is back too. He took to the peacock network’s cable outlet Thursday night to hammer conservatives (specifically using the veiled quasi-anti-semitic term ‘neocons’) for the president’s move toward military intervention in Syria. 

Once again the neocons are expecting our country to be the police officer of the world. You know, I’d would rather have a president put his foot in his mouth than a boot on the ground where it doesn’t belong and will get us in trouble for a long, long time.

Schultz concedes that President Obama should never have drawn the “red line” over chemical weapon use in Syria last year during his re-election campaign, but he’s pretty forgiving about the blunder today:  

“We have to be fair about this. We do have a history of presidents misspeaking, and we need to give him some room here.”

Watch the segment here:  


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