Lies and Intimidation; The Tools of Media Matters

Lies and Intimidation; The Tools of Media Matters

The Ur-event of the modern gay movement is based on a lie and the hysterical left is screaming bloody murder.

They always scream bloody murder when their lies are exposed.

And they’re certainly screaming over what has become the “Myth of Matthew Shepard”

An award winning gay journalist has published The Book of Matt wherein he exposes certain inconvenient facts about the life and death of this tragic young man.  

Even before he died the sexual left wanted us to believe that Shepard was killed for one reason and one reason only, that he was gay. The immediate cause was the gay-hatred expressed by his killers. But the larger cause was that wide swaths of the American public but most especially Christians hate gays.

Matthew was killed by H8. Simple as that.  

They say Matthew never knew his killers, that his killers entered the Fireside bar at 11:45 on the evening of October 6th and that Matthew left with total strangers a mere 15 minutes later and that these total strangers tortured and left him for dead, tied Christ-like on a fence.

According to Steven Jiminez, who went to Laramie, Wyoming to research a screenplay sympathetic to the Matthew Shepard Myth, almost all of this is false.

After several years and 100 interviews Jiminez discovered that Shepard knew his killers, that he and his killers were often ferried around by the same shady limousine driver, that the killers and Shepard did methamphetamine together, were sometimes rival drug dealers, and  — the bombshell that explodes the myth — Shepard and his killers had sex together, sometimes threesomes.

Jiminez asserts that Shepard died at the hand of a sometime sex partner who wanted what was in Shepard’s pocket, a new shipment of meth.

It actually did not take years for Jiminez to begin hearing a counter narrative to the Myth of Matthew Shepard. He began hearing these stories almost immediately upon arriving in Laramie. You could say much of this was common knowledge.

But the myth became more important than the truth because Shepard became the vehicle the gay movement needed. They needed a face, a winsome face, to tell the story of America’s inveterate hatred of gays. That’s not me talking. That’s the New York Times in an unsigned editorial that ran before Shepard died.

David Brock created Media Matters precisely to scream bloody murder when anyone has the temerity to challenge the lying narratives of the left. Just the other day they went after me for simply reporting what one of their own, a gay man of the left, has concluded the Matthew Shepard story is no more than a myth.

According to one of their young researchers, I am the “go-to anti-gay extremist” given a perch at Breitbart to sully the image of St. Matthew Shepard. The young man’s piece spends a lot of space lying about things that I have said and written and not even a syllable refuting the new narrative of how Shepard lived and died. Heck, the guy doesn’t even try to refute me, only attack and threaten.

Besides creating myths to advance their causes, the left also likes to smear and otherwise destroy those who disagree with them. Lying and bullying are their two primary tools and they use them quite effectively. Many people are cowed into silence under the vicious attacks of Media Matters and other hit men of the sexual left.

Fearlessly exposing such lies and then taking the hits was the great original genius of Breitbart himself.

The sexual left compared Matthew Shepard to a saint. He was a martyr who died for America’s homophobic sins. There is practically a religious devotion to this myth and we all know that religious zealots will do almost anything to protect their myths.

I do not believe that most gays would approve of the actions of what can only be a few bad apples. I believe that most gays would be horrified that their cause has to be advanced through lies and then a defense of these lies that includes the kind of attacks initiated by reprehensible places such as Media Matters.


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