Video: CNN's Costello Ignores ObamaCare Answer She Didn't Want to Hear

Video: CNN's Costello Ignores ObamaCare Answer She Didn't Want to Hear

During Thursday’s congressional hearing, Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) tore into the ObamaCare contractors for a hidden line of source code that secretly surrenders the ObamaCare applicant’s right to privacy. It was yet another damning revelation about the snoopiest White House ever, and by Friday, CNN’s Carol Costello was in full attack mode using misinformation to push back for the Administration.

Costello invited Barton on her Friday morning show, and after Barton reiterated his concern over ObamaCare’s secret and deceptive disclaimer, Costello dug in:

Well, I’ve been wondering about that. The only health-related question the website asks of you is whether you smoke. It doesn’t ask any other question. So what specifically are you talking about? What specific information would you share on this website that you wouldn’t normally share?

Before we get to Barton’s very specific answer, I have to interrupt to point out how stunningly ignorant Costello’s question is. First off, even if she was correct about the smoking question being the only health-related question, it is still a health-related question, and therefore a violation of HIPAA. Secondly, my understanding of HIPAA is that it not only protects your medical information, but also your personal information. And as someone who actually has gone through the ObamaCare application process, I can testify (and did here in detail) that the site asks a number of personal questions I “wouldn’t normally share.”

Regardless, why is this secret disclaimer not a big deal to a supposed journalist? We are talking about the federal government slipping in a line of code that will sucker millions into surrendering their privacy rights altogether, not just what qualifies under HIPAA.

But Costello is stuck on her White House talking points that claim HIPAA only covers medical information and the smoking question is no big deal.

Well, watch what happens next: Barton lists three more medical-related questions the ObamaCare website asks: your current insurance plan and its policy number, your mental and physical condition, and whether or not you are pregnant.

And what is Costello’s response? Does she say, “Oh, I didn’t know that. If you are correct, that is a problem.”

Nope. She just babbles on with her talking points as though she didn’t hear Barton answer her question with damning specifics:

The most trusted name in news, folks.


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