Disney's Fusion Tries to Exploit Divide That Doesn't Exist

Disney's Fusion Tries to Exploit Divide That Doesn't Exist

This week, Disney is opening a new front in the culture wars with the launch of Fusion, a news network targeted to hipster, English-speaking Hispanic millennial’s. Yeah, that’s how splintered the cable market has become. To ease the opening of its obviously focus-grouped network, Disney’s news arm, ABC, released a poll suggesting that America was deeply polarized on some narrowly drawn questions.  

The ABC News/Fusion poll released Monday night ought to be taught in anthropology classes. It provides a glimpse into the mindset of urbane liberals who look at the world as distinct “blocks” of people. It is almost Hegelian in its assessment of the world. It actually asks the public if more “women” or “non-whites” in Congress could have avoided the recent government shutdown. As if the debate over government spending is confined to white males. Fortunately, the American public are more adult and told Disney/ABC/Fusion…um, no. 

Two-thirds of Americans, 66%, said on the recent budget debate that it would make no difference if more women or minorities were in Congress. Fusion is apparently leading with a premise that America doesn’t buy. A solid majority, 53%, said minorities have the same or more opportunities for advancement in America. A strong majority, 53%, said it would make no difference if more women were elected to Congress and an overwhelming majority, 73%, said it would make no difference if more minorities were elected to Congress. 

The press release announcing the Fusion poll was breathless in stating that America was deeply divided and polarized. It states that there are profound differences on issues between “liberal democrats” and “conservative Republicans.” This is akin to noting that the sun rises in the East. The poll does not, however, reveal the public breakdown of the self-identification. Is it 50/50 or 70/30? The difference is beyond a distinction.  

Judging by this poll, Fusion is launching on a false premise. It has the full backing of Disney, so it will get a lot of attention. But, it is broadcasting to an America it, and Hollywood, doesn’t understand. 


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