Duck Hunt: CNN Fabricates New Phil Robertson Controversy

Duck Hunt: CNN Fabricates New Phil Robertson Controversy

Even though CNN’s phony controversy hasn’t even been able to pick up traction at MSNBC, that hasn’t stopped the left-wing cable news network from attempting to manufacture more trouble for Phil Robertson and “Duck Dynasty.” But why would we expect anything less from the same network that fabricated evidence to frame a working-class Hispanic man?  

The CNN report below, covering Robertson’s humorous relaying of marriage advice, is taken ultra-seriously by the CNN correspondent, and asks, “What is the tipping point to getting kicked off the air?”

Does CNN not hear the crowd laughing? It is obvious that Robertson is going for laughs. That doesn’t mean he isn’t trying to make a point (his wife was 16 when they married) but there is no question he is performing and exaggerating to entertain a crowd that is entertained.   

Good heavens, it is so controversial that a happily married and successful man would suggest others follow his same path!

Glaringly missing from that CNN report is Robertson adding “Check with Mom and Dad about that, of course.” “That” being marrying as a teenager.

Another fact CNN leaves out of its hit-piece is that with parental permission, in more than ten states, teenagers as young as 15 can marry.

In the media capitol of the world, New York, teenagers as young as 14 can marry.

In the state of Georgia, where CNN is headquartered, teenagers can marry at 16.

If Phil Robertson were a leftist woman using similar humor to make the same point about marrying men, CNN would hail her as an edgy genius saying something “worth talking about.”

The religious cultural bigotry CNN and others in the elite media have displayed throughout this entire “Duck Dynasty” non-troversy has been breathtaking. But when you are an ignorant, narrow-minded provincial whose only experience in the American South is an overnight stay with the rest of the elite media at a Holiday Inn a few blocks from a presidential campaign speech, this is what you get.


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