MSNBC Associates Duck Dynasty Gun Line with Mass Shootings

MSNBC Associates Duck Dynasty Gun Line with Mass Shootings

When MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts announced the new line of Duck Commander guns on January 3rd, he was joined by Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Everitt claimed Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, made his controversial comments to sell guns to conservative, middle-aged, white males and criticized the Robertson family for selling the kinds of guns used in mass shootings.

Roberts used leading questions to guide Everitt in making these points throughout the segment.

For example, Roberts introduced Everitt by pointing out that the new line of guns includes a “semi-automatic pistol” and “two semi-automatic rifles.” Moreover, “the pistol and one of the rifles have military style designs with large capacity magazines holding at least 25 rounds.”

This allowed Everitt to respond in disbelief that Mossberg firearms would partner with a family like the Robertsons to make guns, especially guns with “high capacity” magazines. 

Everitt pointed out the common elements in “mass shootings” are “the semi-automatics” Roberts described and “high capacity ammunition magazines.” Everitt said this all ties to the new line of Duck Commander guns as the Duck Dynasty family has now made the decision, “in addition to traditional hunting firearms, to also try to market some ‘semi-automatic firearms’ that accept 25-round magazines, which is obviously not necessary for plinking.”

Both Roberts and Everitt talked of how “mass shootings” are increasing every day. They also revealed that their new criteria for a mass shooting is any shooting where two or more people are killed. 

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