After Cancellation of Reality Show, Meghan McCain to Host News Talk Show

After Cancellation of Reality Show, Meghan McCain to Host News Talk Show

After only one short season, Senator John McCain’s daughter Meghan saw the cancellation of her reality show, Raising McCain. However, on the heels of that cancellation, the Pivot Network has now announced that McCain will host a midnight political talk show.

McCain’s reality show debuted in September but apparently is already done.

Despite the personal appeal of its star to liberals, Raising McCain was widely panned by reviewers. In fact, it was mocked outright. The show was said to be plumbing “new depths of irritation” and was a “caricature of youth political engagement.” One reviewer even pointedly said that the show proved Meghan McCain “had nothing to say.”

Now that show is history, but it seems that McCain isn’t done with the Pivot Network.

McCain will host a new talk show to air weeknights at midnight which is to be called TakePart Live. It is to be a talk show featuring commentary on the news and current events.

Pivot President Evan Shapiro said that the new talk show will allow McCain to discuss the “big issues” of the day.

In praise of Raising McCain, Shapiro noted that her show “did so well for us that we wanted more of her.”

“The best thing that Meghan does is she reacts to the zeitgeist in a very distinctive way. We wanted something that was more timely,” Shapiro said. 

In a statement, McCain said she was excited about the new show. “From the moment I started working with Pivot, I knew this was home,” she added.