Poll: 99% Don't Care About Obama/Media Pet 2014 Issues

Poll: 99% Don't Care About Obama/Media Pet 2014 Issues

A Quinnipiac poll released last week is a stark reminder of just how out of touch President Obama and the mainstream media are when it comes to the concerns and priorities of everyday Americans. Anyone at all familiar with the issues Obama and his media intend to push in 2014, knows that it is going to be a year all about income inequality, the minimum wage, immigration, and guns. This, even though 99% of the public do not consider those issues a priority.

When Quinnipiac asked voters “What do you think should be the top priority for President Obama and Congress in 2014?” — income inequality earned 1%, class inequality earned 1%, gun issues earned 1%, and immigration earned only 2%.

More bad news for a media desperate to further their Global Warming hoax through the dark art of portraying everyday weather as The Worst Ever, is that only 2% of the public see the environment as a priority.

Issues the American people unsurprisingly do list as top priorities are the economy (15%), jobs/unemployment (16%), and healthcare (18%). And it is in all three of those areas where Obama’s standing with the American people is in the dumpster. On the economy and healthcare, the president is upside down on approval 39-56% and 36-59% , respectively.

Just like they did with gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, to set Obama up for a win, the media will ignore what truly matters to the American people and fabricate a reality that claims the minimum wage, immigration, and income inequality are the most important issues in the history of the Republic. More than setting up Obama for a win, this tactic also seeks to intimidate Republicans into caving by way of the idea that THIS matters and America is against them.

It certainly makes sense for a failed president to stick to issues no one cares about because he thinks he can pull out a much-needed win. That’s politics. But for a media that poses as objective to provide air cover is nothing short of propagandizing for your government.



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