Brent Bozell: ABC, CBS, NBC Nightly News Engage in Obamacare 'Cover-Up'

Brent Bozell: ABC, CBS, NBC Nightly News Engage in Obamacare 'Cover-Up'

From January 1st to March 24th,  Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center looked at every story that was on ABC, CBS, and NBC’s nightly news programs. The total amount of airtime all three networks spent on the results of Obamacare was less than three quarters of one percent (.72%).

A combined 31 minutes of all network news was spent on covering the results of the Affordable Care Act. Since January 1st, over 83 nights, CBS has given the subject 19 minutes, ABC has given it 7 minutes, and NBC has given 5 minutes of airtime to Obamacare and all its accompanying woes. 

“This is what you call a cover-up,” Bozell asserted.

Appearing on The Kelly File on Thursday night, Megyn Kelly asked Bozell which network he deemed most fair and which was least fair. The purveyor of the Media Research Center responded by saying that “CBS is the least awful, but they are all still awful.”

On February 8th, CBS News did something “remarkable,” Bozell stated: They reported a story about a family that lost its insurance due to Obamacare. So far, with over four million people having lost insurance because of the healthcare law, “this is the only story all year that the networks have reported on the bad effects of Obamacare,” Bozell said.