'New York Times' Aggregates Breitbart's Boyle (Without Credit)

'New York Times' Aggregates Breitbart's Boyle (Without Credit)

Breitbart News readers know that our own Matt Boyle has been the point-man when it comes to scooping up all the scoops in Mississippi around the Republican primary for U.S. Senate involving long-time incumbent Thad Cochran and his Tea Party-backed opponent Chris McDaniel. So it was with great interest when we found Jonathan Weisman’s absolutely terrific summary of Boyle’s work in the Thursday New York Times.

The only problem is that there are two words you won’t find anywhere in all 900 of the words that make up this particular Times story. One word is “Boyle.” The other is “Breitbart.”  

Which is odd because almost all of Boyle’s scoops over the past weeks represent the meat of Weisman’s story:  

Cochran renting the first floor of his executive assistant, Kay Webber’s Capitol Hill home for fundraisers, a home Cochran also lives in and rents — check.

The amount of money Webber made from this these rentals in 2013 — check.

The residency documents showing Cochran lives with Weber — check.

Webber accompanying Cochran on 33 taxpayer-funded trips across 42 countries — check.

We could go on.

While we appreciate the Times‘ interest in the Cochran primary, even if it is a little late…

And we do understand that they are also a little late to catching on to this whole InterWebTubesDotNet thing…

And we know they’ve had some personnel issues and a pile of War On Women charges to deal with…

Nonetheless, there is an unwritten rule in the Wild Wild West of the World Wide Web that says that it is perfectly okay write and publish your own story around someone else’s reporting. You just have to let your readers know who really did that reporting.

Breitbart News is probably as fond of The New York Times as they are of us. But we still credit them.