Washington Post Publishes Video of Jon Stewart Trashing Rick Perry as Racist – Twice!

Washington Post Publishes Video of Jon Stewart Trashing Rick Perry as Racist – Twice!

Man alive, Democrats got it good. Not only do leftwing outlets like the Washington Post protect Democrats, the Washington Post publishes video of comedian Jon Stewart attacking as racist potential GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry.

On his show Thursday, Stewart, the left’s good dog, ran through all of Perry’s ’12 gaffes (you know, the ones he’s working so hard to put behind them) and then dredged up the phony racial controversy the Post dug up in ’12 about a rock that might have existed two generations ago on land Perry doesn’t even own.

For a good two minutes, over a rock Perry never had anything to do with, Stewart ridiculed the Republican governor as a racist … and now he has done so on the webpages of the Washington Post.

The Washington Post didn’t just publish Stewart’s racialist attack on Perry once. It was published twice. The second time at the Post’s political site, The Fix.

This is just the Post pretending that what a leftwing comedian says is news so the Post has an excuse to use the brutal and biased clip as a weapon to undermine Perry. The Post would look even more petty and biased than usual reigniting their 2012 non-troversy. But that’s why Stewart is so useful to the media — he never let’s these things die. This allows the MSM to publish or broadcast his factually-biased clips, which in turn weaponizes the comedian outside of the realm of entertainment and in the actual mainstream media.

The Post knows Stewart takes things out of context and is more interested in laughs than the truth.

The Post doesn’t care.

The Post wants to damage Perry.

The Post is #ReadyForHillary

The Washington Post also published video of Jon Stewart trashing Fox News …  Twice.

It is a beautiful thing being a Democrat.

John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC