Time, Slate, & Jezebel Say Yes to War On Women Ad Writers

Time, Slate, & Jezebel Say Yes to War On Women Ad Writers

Another front in the War on Women just opened on the pages of Time Magazine. To protect Democrat gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist in Florida, Time launched a withering attack against five women who wrote a political ad backing Crist’s Republican opponent, sitting Florida Governor Rick Scott.

The ad is a take-off on the popular TLC reality series “Say Yes to the Dress.” Instead of choosing a dress, though, the blushing voter must choose between Crist and Scott. The spot is bright, cheerful, informative, and a nice use of popular culture:

Almost immediately, withering attacks in the mainstream media against the women behind the ad began. The pages of Time Magazine declared it the “most sexist Republican ad of the year.” Slate attacked the ad as something that was surely “written by men who learned everything they know about women from reading bridal magazines.” (Note to Slate: Men don’t read bridal magazines.) Jezebel sniffed, “Bitches love wedding dresses.”

Except, uhm:

Yep, the ad was written by five women.

What the “Say Yes” ad also resembles is Lena Dunham’s ad for President Obama where she compared voting for Obama’s 2012 re-election to a young woman losing her virginity. No one in the elite media declared that sexist.

More proof that nothing offends the Left more than wholesomeness and innocence delivered with an appealing sense of humor.

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