Left-Wing Politico Loads Front Page to Rescue Obama

Left-Wing Politico Loads Front Page to Rescue Obama

With this outbreak of Ebola in Dallas, Texas, that just two weeks ago a smugly confident President told us was almost impossible, Obama’s presidency is teetering on the brink, and his Palace Guards in the media know it, especially the dead-enders at the left-wing Politico who loaded their Thursday night front page with desperate happy talk.

How reassuring to The Precious to know that his CDC director survived his Hill hearing today … you know, because Politico says so.

And how reassuring that Obama’s decision to reject a common sense travel ban is the right one … you know, because Politico says so.

The best part is the cherry on top, where Politico tries to save the Senate for The Precious by shaming Democrat Tom Harkin into coughing up millions.

Keep in mind that Politico poses as an objective news outlet.

We’re supposed to believe this is objective reporting.

Ebola isn’t Obama’s Katrina, the growing pile of his unprecedented incompetence is. After the ObamaCare rollout, the IRS, NSA, VA, ISIS, and the economy that wouldn’t recover, the Obama Administration’s arrogant, ignorant, and deadly mishandling of Ebola could finally tip the pile over.

Politico is spooked. But I’m here to help with a suggestion…

As far as opposing this travel ban, Politico could really save the day for Obama by leading by example.  Put your money where your mouth is, fellas. If flights coming in and out of the West African Hot Zones are so safe, you should show us Rubes up by very publicly taking a round trip flight to Liberia with your families.

Or just agree to spend a day greeting everyone passenger from West Africa who passes a CDC screen. Shake hands. Give them a hug.

If you’re not willing to do that, then I’m free to wonder why you are putting a failed president’s approval ratings above the safety of everyone on those planes, and in this country.

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