Hit On Georgia Republican Perdue Blows up In BuzzFeed's Face

Hit On Georgia Republican Perdue Blows up In BuzzFeed's Face

BuzzFeed’s Evan-McMorris-Santaro is blaming a Democrat tracker for a hit on Republican Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue that blew up in the left-wing outlet’s face. Why it’s a “fail” for a Democrat tracker to assume Buzzfeed will post oppo-research without questioning or vetting it, remains unclear.

The video came from American Bridge, a super-PAC founded by Media Matters’ David Brock, a left-wing activist.  

The race in Georgia is tight as a tick and the fate of the U.S. Senate hangs in the balance. What better time, then, to grab some oppo from a David Brock organization that might-just-probably-maybe show Perdue autographing a woman’s thigh. That’s sure to shake up the race and maybe even turn some women off. Gamechanger, baby!

Except, oops…

Perdue wasn’t signing a “woman’s torso,” as BuzzFeed claimed. The truth is that he was signing a woman’s diabetic pump at the request of the woman as a way to raise awareness for juvenile diabetes.

Rather than own up to and correct the error, BuzzFeed merely blame-shifted by changing the headline to: Tracker Fail: Dems Miss Insulin Pump In Video Of Perdue Signing Young Woman

Only after being hectored on Twitter did Buzzfeed’s editor-in-chief Ben Smith  add “Corrected” to the headline.

BuzzFeed sells itself as an unbiased news outlet. 

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