NYT: Democrats Haven't Won Majority of White Women Since 1992

NYT: Democrats Haven't Won Majority of White Women Since 1992

Buried under a dozen paragraphs is a fascinating little factoid the mainstream media never talks about and doesn’t want to talk about: Democrats haven’t won a majority of the white women vote since 1992:

In Arkansas, the Republican candidate, Tom Cotton, was tied with Senator Mark Pryor among women in a poll of likely voters conducted Oct. 4-7 by Fox News. Yet Mr. Pryor had an 11-point edge among women in an Oct. 19-23 poll for NBC News and Marist College’s Institute for Public Opinion.

“On balance, I am not convinced the Democrats will make sufficient inroads with white women to make up for the margin by which they are going to lose white men,” said Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster. Democrats have not won a majority of white women since 1992.

This goes a long way towards explaining the racial demagoguery and baiting we are seeing, not only from the likes of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, but the mainstream media. With Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, and long before all the facts were known, the American media conspired to fabricate a furious narrative that claimed both men were victims of white racism.

With respect to Trayvon, a criminal trial and federal civil rights investigation proved the media liars.

As I write this, the Michael Brown narrative is collapsing before the media’s very eyes. 


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