Weather Channel Morning Show Beats CNN, MSNBC

Weather Channel Morning Show Beats CNN, MSNBC

According to the Weather Channel, its 6am “Wake Up with Al Roker” beat both CNN’s New Day” and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this month:

“Morning Joe” has been shedding viewers for about a year. “New Day” is shaping up to be one of television’s all-time titanic disasters. In other words, it’s not that Al Roker’s numbers are so high, it’s that CNN’s and MSNBC’s numbers are so low.

Overall, this is another sign of the slow-motion fall of left-wing cable news networks. While — thanks to great producing, on-air talent, and a willingness to cover news stories the left-wing MSM ignore — Fox News soars, there is just no reason anymore to tune into CNN or MSNBC.

With some notable exceptions, CNN’s anchors are mostly tired, left-wing, smug, or a mixture of all three; and unless it’s a poop cruise or an airliner that CNN suggests might have been abducted by aliens, the Zucker Network offers the same old-left-wing narratives presented in the same old left-wing way.

For its part, MSNBC is nothing more than left-wing talk radio with pictures.

Thanks to Fox News and the New Media available everywhere online, people now have a choice and they are not choosing CNN or MSNBC.

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