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Conspiracy Theorist Andrew Sullivan Quits Blogging


Left-wing conspiracy theorist Andrew Sullivan announced Wednesday that after 15 years he is retiring from blogging. In other news, Sullivan was still blogging. Sullivan’s biggest accomplishment was proving himself impervious to facts and shame after relentlessly reporting on debunked, anti-science conspiracy theories about the parentage of Governor Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome son Trig and the sexuality of Pope Benedict.

Throughout the years, Sullivan has parked his Daily Dish blog in various places, including Time, The Atlantic, and most recently The Daily Beast. Two years ago, Sullivan jumped from the Beast and went independent.

No one outside of his partial-paywall has heard from him since.

Almost immediately after making the jump to independence, Sullivan stopped having any kind of impact or influence on the daily news cycle.

The biggest news to come out of the Daily Dish in two years is almost certainly going to be Sullivan’s surrendering of it.

Sullivan says he is not completely going away. He wants to write a book and take some time off.

Because Sullivan trained his debunked conspiracy theories at the child of a conservative woman and the Pope, he will always be welcome in the mainstream media.

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