Video: Brian Williams’ Smug Smile When David Letterman Calls Him a ‘War Hero’

AP Photo/Julio Cortez
AP Photo/Julio Cortez

In the video below, at the 10 minute mark, you can watch NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams smile smugly and bask in the glow of David Letterman referring to him as a “war hero” during a March 2013  appearance on Letterman’s CBS show.

This is Williams basking in adulation purchased by a stolen valor lie that was paid for by the actual men who were in the helicopter that really was shot down in Iraq. The chopper Williams was in arrived safely an hour later.

The moment comes, of course, a few minutes after Williams regaled Letterman and his audience with his oft-repeated lie about a helicopter he was flying in being shot down by an RPG during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. If you scroll back through the video to about the 4 minute mark, you can watch Williams tell this story with a sociopathic level of detail.

By 2013, Williams was in his tenth year of dining off his stolen valor. 


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