‘Traitors’: After Vilifying Rudy, Daily News Attacks Patriotism of Veteran Tom Cotton

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Just 10 days ago the New York media, including the New York Daily News, was pretending to have the vapors over a former mayor expressing a private opinion about someone else’s love of country. Daily News columnist Mike Lupica blasted Giuliani as a “loud political has-been.” Reporters Erin Durkin and Eli Rosenberg accused Giuliani of “McCarthy-esque rants.”

Rudy’s sin of course was not having a high enough of opinion of President Obama’s love of country. This was an opinion, however, that Giuliani expressed in private. He was only outed after the unethical, left-wing Politico violated understood protocol and published the off-the-record comments.

Tuesday morning the Daily News suddenly decided it was okay to question patriotism.

In fact, the questioning of another’s patriotism is not only occne again back in fashion, it can be expressed in a blaring headline against 47 Republican Senators, including decorated war veteran  Tom Cotton.

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It isn’t just the New York Daily News that is angry over Cotton’s letter to Iran that was signed by 46 other Republican Senators, all of the mainstream media is. After years of carrying Obama’s water every time he violated the Constitution’s separation of powers, the media is all kinds of frustrated this morning to learn that like President Obama, duly elected United States Senators also have phones and pens.

The media doesn’t want to face up to the fact that Obama started this separation of powers’ war, and that the only real precedent being broken here is the president pledging to completely freeze the Senate out of whatever horrifying deal he makes with Iran.

Also, regardless of the lies the media is telling, lawmakers in the opposing party interfering in foreign policy is actually quite normal and far from unprecedented. In 2002, in the run-up to the Iraq War and during touchy negotiations through the United Nations to convince Iraq to allow weapons inspectors unfettered access, three top congressional Democrats went to Iraq and called then-President George W. Bush a liar.

In 2007, Nancy Pelosi, who was then the House Speaker, took it upon herself to go to Syria for “peace talks.” She actually met with that country’s leader President Bashar Assad.

Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy’s interference in President Ron;ld Reagan’s Soviet policy was the stuff of spy novels.

I could go on and on, but let me reiterate that the only unprecedented move in all of this is Obama freezing the Senate out of its constitutional requirement to validate all treaties with foreign governments by a 2/3rds vote.

What is not unprecedented is the media brazenly lying about this fact.

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