Truthers Ayman Mohyeldin and David Chalian Are Still Cable News Analysts


One unbiased, objective cable news analyst was caught on video claiming a presidential candidate was so hateful and racist he wanted to party while black people drowned. Another described a decorated Navy SEAL as a racist spree killer. Still, both of these hateful Truthers  regularly pop up on their respective cable news networks as objective analysts.

Ayman Mohyeldin is still an NBC News foreign correspondent who is seen regularly on MSNBC in that capacity. Apparently NBC News and MSNBC  expect us to still take a man seriously who, despite all evidence to the contrary, described late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle as a “racist” who went on “killing sprees” in the Middle East.

Forget your politics. Forget your personal opinions.  Mohyeldin is supposed to be a fact-driven, objective reporter, not an “American Sniper”-Truther spouting wild conspiracy theories that have absolutely no basis in fact.

If  Mohyeldin is willing to toss aside all objectivity and proven facts in an attempt to destroy the reputation of a documented American hero, how are we supposed to trust or believe anything else he says or reports. The man is obviously a toxic loon. Regardless, on an almost daily basis you can see him on MSNBC, not as an openly partisan talking head, but as an objective reporter.

Just as bad is David Chalian, an ever-increasing presence on the left-wing CNN as an “objective” political analyst. Just a little over two years ago Chalian was caught on a hot-mic accusing Mitt Romney and his wife Ann of being happy to have a party as black people drown.

The “party” was the 2012 Republican Convention, which had already canceled its opening day as Hurricane Isaac loomed.

Forget the obvious hatred for Romney the cackling Chalian was incapable of controlling. What he said was pure trutherism. It wasn’t Mitt Romney and Republicans who partied during a hurricane threat. The same day the RNC canceled the first day of their convention, President Obama  canceled nothing. He ran around the country campaigning and fundraising.

Despite Chalian’s completely unhinged and obvious hatred of Republicans, he is now CNN’s political director and seen regularly on the network as an objective political analyst.  Bias is one thing. We’re used to that, especially on CNN. Chalian isn’t just biased, he’s a hate-filled lunatic impervious to facts. Nobody, including Chalian, has any credibility analyzing anything they hate.

Nevertheless, both of these left-wing Truthers remain gainfully employed at NBC and MSNBC (a network that claims it wants to return to objective reporting), and CNN (a network that pretends to be objective).


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