The Sun Newspaper Boss Rupert Murdoch Calls It For Farage


Manchester, England – Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter Thursday night suggesting Nigel Farage and the Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon won the UK leaders’ debate. The News International boss had historically been a Conservative but in recent years he has moved away from the party.

Despite his reticence about Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron,  most of the Murdoch media empire remains supportive of him.

Murdoch was not the only person happy with the UKIP result. A source close to Nigel Farage told Breitbart London the party leader “whooped for joy when he got back to his hotel” and virtually “danced on the bed” as a result of his performance.

After the debate had finished Breitbart London reported Farage had deliberately set himself apart from other party leaders during the debate.

He did however upset many by talking about “health tourists” and the number of HIV patients from overseas that have come to the UK for pricey treatments. The UKIP source admitted not everyone briefing Farage agreed with the strategy. He said: “Our team thought it was a risky move but it definitely plays to UKIP voters.”

The final polling gave an unclear result on the winner, but it did suggest Sturgeon and Farage had won the night. The Comres poll at half time called it for Farage and their full time results had him tied with Cameron and Miliband.

The YouGov poll put Sturgeon ahead but with the other leaders lagging behind both her and Farage.