Ratings: Hate Network CNN Loses Bigtime to MSNBC


CNN’s week-long misinformation campaign that used the Indiana and Arkansas religious freedom bills to gin up hate against Christians by dishonestly portraying them as fiery bigots, did little to help the left-wing network in its ongoing death struggle with MSNBC for last place.

Monday thru Thursday of last week, the height of CNN’s anti-Christian Hate Campaign, saw the embattled network lose handily to MSNBC in total viewers during the all-important primetime hours.

It wasn’t even close.

On Tuesday, MSNBC scored more than twice as many primetime viewers as CNN.

Fox News, of course, crushed them both combined.


Primetime: FNC: 2.258 | CNN: 513 | MSNBC: 657 | HLN: 247


Primetime: FNC: 2.336 | CNN: 333 | MSNBC: 795 | HLN: 218


Primetime: FNC: 1.977 | CNN: 444 | MSNBC: 658 | HLN: 341


Primetime: FNC: 2.036 | CNN: 409 | MSNBC: 583 | HLN: 330

CNN is now a full-fledged Hate Network.

Week after week, since the arrival of Jeff Zucker, the network appears driven only by a desire to destroy — be it Christians, traditional conservatives, anyone who opposes further empowering the federal government, or anyone who gets in the way of Zucker’s serial lies about race and racism.

CNN’s gone beyond bias into launching full-fledged Hate Campaigns. One of the network’s top anchors still has a job and never even apologized after declaring on the air that the best thing she ever heard was a recording of Bristol Palin reporting a physical assault.

CNN’s full and irresponsible embrace of outrageous lies was crucial in the fomenting of mob violence that would end in tragedy in New York and Ferguson.

CNN’s year-long Hate Campaign against George Zimmerman included the network fabricating evidence against him, outright racism, denying his racial identity, and finally broadcasting his  Social Security information.

To target Christians for public assassination, CNN regularly lies about their intent and things they have said.

As CNN ramps up its Hate Campaigns, viewers appear to be turning away. 


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