Massive Media Fail: Confidence In Police Twice that of News Media

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

For the most cynical and destructive of political reasons, led by President Obama, for more than two years now, the national media has led one dishonest hate campaign after another against American law enforcement. Nevertheless, a new Gallup poll shows that the American people still have twice the confidence in the police than they do in the news media. The institution of the presidency also polls way behind law enforcement.

Confidence in the police did take a hit. How could it not? According to Gallup, 52% of Americans expressed confidence in the police, which might be an all-time low but is still more than twice as high as Newspapers (24%) and Television News (21%). Only 33% expressed confidence in the Presidency.

Compared to their historical averages, the police took less of a hit than the other three. Confidence in the police is down only -5%. Newspapers, Television News, and the Presidency are down -8%, -9%, and -10%, respectively.

None of this should surprise anyone.

Certain members of the police force have been caught doing some truly terrible things, no question. But these are individual incidents in individual precincts.

On the other hand, time and again and again, as an institution, the mainstream media has been caught red-handed lying, fabricating evidence, and engaging in the kind of corruption that would put any other institution (the NFL, police, Koch brothers) out of business.

Thanks to New Media, the MSM can no longer hide its relentless corruption behind a Narrative Monopoly that ensures the protection of one another. Day in and day out, the media are being exposed with the truth — even as the media uses mostly lies to attack law enforcement and their enemies on the political right.

As far as the presidency, why wouldn’t confidence dip a full -10% under Obama — a serial liar eager to give Iran a nuke, ISIS a playground called the Middle East, and anarchy in America’s inner-cities.

The police are far from perfect but at least they are doing much more good than harm.

Obama and the media are destructive forces, intentionally so, and the American people see that.


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