Unlike David Remnick, Tea Party Never Supported a Man Aligned with a Race War Terrorist

David Remnick (Thos Robinson / Getty)
Thos Robinson / Getty

Before the dead bodies of nine completely innocent people could even cool, New Yorker editor David Remnick ghoulishly exploited an unspeakable racist crime to attack President Obama’s political opponents.

Here’s what David Remnick didn’t disclose…

There is one major difference between President Obama’s political opponents and David Remnick.

For going on eight years, David Remnick has vigorously and openly supported a national politician who aligned himself for years with an unrepentant terrorist — a terrorist who supported and fought for a Race War.

In fact, the benefit of Remnick’s frequent support, began his political career in the living room of this Race War Terrorist.

The politician of course is Barack Obama. Obama’s terrorist friend and colleague is Bill Ayers.


I don’t know of a single Republican or conservative or member of the Tea Party who has ever supported a candidate aligned with a race war terrorist.

But David Remnick has supported such a candidate, and now he seeks to lecture us on race?



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