CNN’s Chris Cuomo: GOP Reaction to SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling Is ‘Dangerous’


Chris Cuomo, the left-wing extremist posing as a CNN morning anchor, once again exposed his true colors Monday morning by describing as “dangerous” the very idea that some in the GOP would push back against the Supreme Court’s Friday ruling making same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states:

They are also getting sloppy in the interest of political pandering with the law. You gotta remember the law is supposed to be different. The Supreme Court certainly is certainly the supreme law of the land. Bobby Jindal saying, “Hey it’s not for the federal government to make law.” He means federal government, he means supreme court — that’s exactly what it does, is make law. And for Ted Cruz to say, “This isn’t law.” No, that’s exactly what it is. In being misleading, it may work politically but it’s dangerous because it creates fear of the institution.


“Fear of the institution!”

This isn’t analysis on Cuomo’s part. This is a classic tactic of the hard-left designed to kill speech and debate. By labeling speech as “dangerous,” suddenly speech becomes something more than speech — a weapon that must be stopped and chilled and condemned.

If the unbiased, objective Cuomo has ever warned of how dangerous it is for Democrats  — led by President Obama and Hillary Clinton — to demagogue and challenge the legitimacy of the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, neither Google nor the CNN web site can find it.

Chris Cuomo did not immediately return an email requesting comment.


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