After Chris Cuomo’s Serial Face Plants, ‘New Day’ Falls Behind MSNBC


Over the past few months, Breitbart News has studiously documented “New Day” anchor Chris Cuomo’s glaring left-wing biases and outright buffoonery, and now it appears as though this behavior is catching up to “New Day” in the ratings.

Tuesday, July 14, was not available but over the course of a week and a day, “New Day” has only once brought its demo viewers over the magic 100,000 threshold — what is widely considered to be the minimum number before a program is considered in ratings trouble.

Moreover, after CNN chief Jeff Zucker bizarrely took out ads gloating over ratings victories against “Morning Joe,” the MSNBC morning show is now murdering “New Day” in total viewers.

In the demo, “Morning Joe” won 3 of these 6 days.

As CNN Commentary points out, “New Day” is losing regularly to sister station HLN. (Click the dates below for the specific numbers.)

It just wasn’t supposed to be this way.

This dive in the ratings will come as no surprise to anyone who has had to endure Cuomo’s quest to become the worst anchor on television. He goes beyond bias into outright campaigning for the White House along with every left-wing social issue out there. During interviews, Cuomo grills Republicans and conservatives while playing tickle games with the Left. He attacks Christians as bigots. And he says a lot of incredibly dumb things, most recently denying the existence of some 300 sanctuary cities.

How can viewers, even Democrat viewers, trust a morning news anchor who denies the existence of sanctuary cities, pledges to help the White House attack Congress, openly stirs up hate between the police and protestors, and then lies about what he said?

Cuomo’s face plants are all documented here.

The apparent effect of those face plants on CNN’s already pathetic ratings are below.

Monday, July 13 (total viewers/demo viewers)

FOXN: FOX AND FRIENDS – 916,000 / 189,000

CNN: NEW DAY –  287,000 / 95,000

MSNBC: MORNlNG JOE – 354,000 / 87,000


Wednesday, July 15

FOX AND FRIENDS – 890,000 /  219,000

NEW DAY – 278,000 /  91,000

MORNING JOE – 420,000 /  88,000


Thursday, July 16

FOX AND FRIENDS –  890,000 /  205,000

NEW DAY –  252,000 /  66,000

MORNING JOE –               439,000 / 112,000


Friday, July 17

FOX AND FRIENDS –  976,000 / 213,000

NEW DAY – 277,000 /  83,000

MORNING JOE –  427,000 / 88,000


Monday, July 20

FOX AND FRIENDS – 899,000 / 178,000

NEW DAY – 253,000  /  110,000

MORNING JOE –  493,000 / 134,000


Tuesday, July 21

FOX AND FRIENDS – 923,000 / 224,000

NEW DAY – 294,000 / 87,000

MORNING JOE – 503,000 / 111,000

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