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Social Justice Fail: Record-Low Ratings for MTV’s Joyless Video Music Awards

If MTV thought the promise of a Sunday night Trump-Hate-Athon (which we all knew was coming) would draw eyeballs, the leftwing music network was sadly mistaken. In fact, the promise of such a hyper-politicized spectacle appears to have turned people away in droves. Simply put, the final ratings are not only a disaster, they hit an all-time low.


Iceberg! — MSNBC Has Lowest Demo Day In Decade

TV Newser reports that the MSNBC Titanic hit a new iceberg Wednesday with the lowest demo day the left-wing network has earned in a decade. In the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age demo, MSNBC earned an average of just 50,000 viewers. Anything

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Report: Bloodbath Imminent at MSNBC

When you’re losing to a train wreck like the left-wing CNN, something drastic needs to change and a according to the Wrap, change in the form of a bloodbath is coming to third-place MSNBC. Currently, network president Phil Griffin’s ax