Victory: Number of Newspaper Journalists Plummets Over Last Decade

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Our corrupt and useless media is ignoring the savage butchery of children for profit, obsessing over the death of an animal, and wondering aloud why in just 10 years the number of journalists at daily newspapers has plummeted 21,200,  or from 54,100 to just 32,900.

An alternate headline for this post could read: “Victory: 21,200 down, 32,900 To Go”

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza, a “reporter” always welcome on the left-wing MSNBC and a federal government-enlarging cheerleader, laments the slow death of his profession by — get this — defending it from charges of bias:

While I don’t scribe to the whole the-press-is-super-biased argument, it’s hard for me to imagine that people with real agendas are more common in this age of transparency (and the internet) than they were in, say, 1995. And yet, lots and lots more reporters were working back in 1995 because newspapers were making tons and tons of money.

To equate bias with the struggles of daily journalism then just doesn’t pass the smell test. We all know why we are where we are: The rapid changes in consumption habits occasioned by the introduction the web to peoples’ daily habits has made selling advertising considerably less profitable.

In other words, the media is not going to change.


Like I said, 32,900 to go.

This is my favorite part of Cillizza’s bubble-dumb lament.

Cillizza wants us to believe that losing the same useless and corrupt media that completely missed ACORN’s corruption, Obama’s politicization of the NEA, Democrat lawmakers lying about being called the N-word, the breakdown of federal background checks, the Clinton Foundation scandals, Hillary Clinton’s secret email and server, the IRS persecuting Obama’s political enemies, Obama expanding the surveillance state, the Department of Justice seizing phone records, and covered up Benghazi is somehow…

very bad news for accountability in our political system (and elsewhere). The less people watching, the lower the likelihood that attempts to skirt rules and laws get flagged.

You can’t make these people up.

The good news is that are a whole lot fewer of them.

And don’t worry about these folks losing their jobs in the Obama Economy they have relentlessly championed for the last 7 years. Remember when they called it funemployment!


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