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Claim: Police Have Hours of Tape in Netanyahu Gift Allegations Case

Damning leaks from the ongoing investigations into Benjamin Netanyahu continued to trickle out Tuesday, with police reported to have seized hours of tapes from negotiations the prime minister held with a dominant media mogul over a mutually beneficial deal.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks to the foreign press during the annual press conference for the New Year on January 16, 2014 in Jerusalem. Netanyahu slammed the European Union for summoning envoys over plans for some 1,800 new homes for Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank. AFP PHOTO/MENAHEM …

**LIVE UPDATES** Media Coverage Of CNN’s Democrat Debate

Tonight a bunch old white Democrats take the CNN stage to bat away softballs hurled from Clinton Global Initiative Member Anderson Cooper. CNN’s Dana Bash will also ask questions, and if past is prologue, she will again prove she’s in


CNN Omits Facts to Smear Texas Law Enforcement

CNN omitted critical facts in its coverage of a Texas grand jury’s decision to not bring charges against a Grapevine police officer. The news network never set up the reason for the police chase – a burglary call where the deceased was the suspect. Nor did the network ever report they suspect repeatedly said “kill me” as he approached the officer.

Villapando shooting