CNN Denies Chris Cuomo Tweet Was Complaint About ‘New Day’ Role


CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the co-anchor of the sinking morning show “New Day,” took to Twitter and appeared to publicly complain about his role at the left-wing cable outlet. “Long form [reporting] is very important,” Cuomo writes. “[W]as supposed to do much more of it than I do at cnn[.]”

CNN Commentary first reported the Tweet. Breitbart News reached out to CNN. A spokesperson denied Cuomo was complaining. “That’s not what Chris was expressing,” the spokesperson told us. “He doesn’t have as much time as he likes to do long form because of New Day.  He is currently working on doc on the Pope.”

Whether a happy accident of timing or a pro-active management decision, with “New Day” sliding in the ratings, Cuomo’s extended absence in Argentina covering Pope Francis gives CNN the opportunity to consider the morning dynamic with John Berman sitting in. Berman is far from perfect, but he’s better at covering his biases and much less gaffe-prone.

Over the past few months, Cuomo has made a serial fool of himself, not just through the championing of his sometimes bizarre, extreme left-wing views, but a number of shockingly dumb statements that have made Cuomo something of an Internet punchline.

Coinciding with Cuomo’s neverending face plants has been a noticeable dip in the ratings for “New Day,” which has never risen above anything other than lukewarm ratings.


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